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We recognize that your company is unique and we assure you that you will greatly benefit from our specialized service and genuine commitment to meet and exceed your goals, travel objectives and expectations.

We understand that travel is most likely not your only responsibility, and that one of the primary reasons for exploring your travel management options is to find a solution – and a partner – that will relieve the burden internally. high demand for proven business travel management experts, you can count on us to partner with you for a successful implementation

Navid and Company Travel Inc’s objective is to ensure that we deliver all of our services in a highly reliable, dependable and efficient manner.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we assist our clients to manage their travel:

  • Carefully plan and agree detailed implementation and operational processes such as establishing channels of communication, the creation of traveler profiles, agreeing booking procedures and arranging staff briefings.
  • By analyzing our clients’ travel patterns, we can help them to reduce their expenditure by negotiating exclusive fares, route deals or rates with airlines, hotel and car rental companies.
  • Create and implement travel policies and a focused business plan aimed at delivering the best services, enabling our clients to exercise greater control over their staff who book travel and monitor overall travel expenditure more easily.
  • Assist our clients to communicate the benefits of a managed travel policy within their organization.
  • Provide our clients with management reports that illustrate compliance with travel policies and cost savings performance.
  • Create and implement service level agreements to ensure greater customer satisfaction.
  • Agree regular review meetings to discuss the success of client partnerships, with ongoing measurement and monitoring of our service provision.
  • Continually offer advice and service enhancements.

Travel Policy Adherence

We’ll work with you to develop, implement and optimize your company’s travel policies in order to maximize your efficient and effective use of your travel budget.

Here is a list of just some of the things that we help you consider when implementing an effective Travel Policy.

  • Preferred suppliers and loyalty program
  • Expenditure approval process
  • Spouse travel
  • Expense claim submission
  • Foreign exchange
  • Safety procedure and travel alerts
  • Travel checklist
  • Travel arranger training
  • Management information
  • Class of travel / accommodation
  • Appointed travel agent
  • Personal travel
  • Travel insurance
  • Account settlement
  • Booking procedure
  • Corporate spending guideline
  • Required documentation
  • Travel Health checks & facilities
  • Meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE)


International or domestic, our agents work to get you the lowest fares and the best itineraries that meet your needs. Or purchase a

All clients benefit from discounted corporate rates we negotiate with leading car rental companies.


At the end of a work day, rest in comfort knowing that your hotel room has been booked at the lowest corporate rates available. We can also block rooms for meetings or conferences.

Travel Insurance

Protect your travel investments by purchasing travel insurance. Corporate Travel Solutions agents can advise the coverage that best fits your needs.


Providing you with superior customer service is our number one priority. Having worked with travelers and companies in hundreds of different industries, we understand the importance and sensitivity of individual needs and will develop a program tailored for your specific corporation.

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